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Daga is the fourth planet in the Uriel Star System.

The star is a supergiant, much larger than Earth's sun, and the planet's orbit is much longer than Earth's short 365 day orbit. The planetary tilt is insignificant and the seasons are almost non-existent. The days, however, are of similar length to those of Earth.

Daga has one moon, called Hadar. Ten cycles of Hadar are nearly equivalent to a Solar year, and it is the cycles of the moon that determines age and passage of time.

The culture of Daga is very much like that of the Ancient Hebrews and the languages are similar to the ancient tongues spoken in the early histories of Earth.

JarSalaam is the capital of Ugarit, and has recently become the seat of the Commonwealth. This was brought about by King Ari-El.

There are six countries in the Commonwealth, which binds all countries under a standard set of laws, and is headed by the king of Ugarit.

The technology of Daga is similar to Earth of the mid-1900s.

For nearly thirty years, Daga has been ruled by the tyrant, Iako. It is rumored that the widow of Iako's murdered brother is being held captive in the royal palace. He holds her life as hostage over the masses to keep them from revolting.

Inspiration for the palace of JarSalaam.

This is JarSalaam. It only looks familiar because the culture is familiar!

Planet Daga, Uriel Star System
Planet Daga, Uriel Star System

The planet Daga is part of the Uriel star system. Uriel is called Rigel on Earth, or Boadicea on Arran.

The extremely bright star system has created a world with extensive deserts. There are nine countries on the planet, with Jar-Salaam in Ugarit as the Global Capital. Daga is the second of the five charter members of the Planetary League of the Ancients.

This world is very similar to the ancient Hebrew culture.

This is the home planet of Ammos, Moriah, Honna, Raphael ben Iscah, Jael ben Ezra, and the evil King Iako.

If you find yourself in JarSalaam, there is a large market place near the palace. You can find just about anything there, but my favorite stall is run by Ammos Matai. He sells fabrics from all over the globe.

Not far from Ammos' stall, there is a small temple to the goddess Ashta. It is whispered among some that the deposed Queen Honna, locked in her apartments by the villainous King Iako, has been seen in the temple, lighting candles as she no doubt prays for the safe return of her sons, taken abruptly from her so many years ago. Those who have seen her say that she is alone but her good friend, Moriah, who was counsel to her husband, the late King Ar-El, will be found waiting for her nearby.

In her apartments in the palace, Queen Honna often dreams of her family. Her husband taken too soon from her, and her sons, Jecona and Aaron, who were very young when their father was murdered and Moriah took them someplace to keep the sons of the king safe.

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