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Planet Arran, Albreda Star System
Catalog > Planet Arran, Albreda Star System

Planet Arran, Albreda Star System

Arran is the fifth planet of the star Albreda.

Arran's moon, Artis, has rings around it. The skies are generally a dusty color and days on Arran are nearly the same length as Earth days. The years are calculated using Earth length years as Earth plays an important part in the history of Arran and the continuation of their race. It takes the world about thirty Earth years to complete one orbit around its sun.

Arran also houses the offices of the new Planetary League of the Ancients, being the first planet of the five charter members, along with Daga, Terra, Negus, and Sukunka. 

There are nine provinces on the planet, each with their own queen and internal military. Shea, capital city of Padraig, the largest province, is the location Caer Coill, the home of the High Queen of Arran. The palace has a small military task force which supersedes the provincial militia whenever the High Queen is present. 

This is the home world of Moya, Katrina, Einin, Finna, and several other women, and their husbands. While they prefer the ambiance of Earth's medieval era, the technology of Arran far exceed that of Earth.

The population of the planet is about 40,000,000, and the women outnumber the men on this planet by about 30/1, due to a genetic problem which nearly wiped out the entire culture two thousand years ago.

The planet Arran

Caer Coill is the name of the home of the High Queen of Arran and is located just north of Shea, capital of Padraig.

The City of Shea from the air looks quite similar to the City of Calgary, Alberta. Parallel Universes?

The City of Shea The City of Calgary

Arran's ringed moon is called Artis.

Artis, Arran's winged moon

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