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Planet Gaia, Danae Star System
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Planet Gaia, Danae Star System

Gaia is the seventh planet of the star Danae. This star is called Deneb on Earth star charts.

Gaia has two moons, one has bright rings while the other doesn't. The people of Gaia have just began to colonize the neighboring planet, Labros, sixth from Danae. The days on Arran are a little longer than Earth days and the seasons are longer than Earth's as the orbit is also longer.

There are nine countries on the planet, with Illion on the island of Alen the Global Capital. It is the 27th member planet of the Planetary League of the Ancients.

This is the home world of Makarios Kalidan and his father, Orestes, as well as President Zanthos Epicurus, and Catiari, King of the Scoloti.

The lodge of Makarios and Orestes is in central Ippolito (red X just right of center), while the Scoloti and their allies the Dahai, live in the far north of this country.

This world has a similar history to the ancient Greek and Scythian cultures.

Compare this with my first computer version drafted around 2000 or 2001. And yes, it is written in Greek.

Original dot-matrix of Gaia

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