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As an early reader in the second grade, I was attacking the Hardy Boys series with rapt enthusiasm.
By the fourth grade, I discovered the world of science fiction and fantasy with the works of
Robert A. Heinlein, Edgar R. Burroughs, and Madeleine L'Engle, and couldn't get enough of it!
C. S. Lewis and Tolkien became favorites, and I was hooked into the genre, and still enjoy reading
and rereading them. Short story assignments at school usually mirrored my love of science fiction,
mystery, and fantasy.

I married young, though, and, while raising a husband and four daughters, I found little time to write,
but lots of time to tell stories, reworking well-known tales such as The Three Little Pigs into slightly
different renderings, a new variation each time!
A favorite among the girls was the story of Falling Rock, told every time we went to the nearby mountains,
and never told the same way twice.

My first serious writing, other than exciting (I was told) novellas known as Annual Christmas Letters,
was my mother's eulogy in 1994. Far more than just a casual recap of mom's life, this was 2000 words
telling her story from birth through childhood, adulthood to death, and I've yet to meet the person
who could read it with a dry eye.

When the girls and husband were all grown, I sat down to write out the story of my life, which quickly
evolved into a fantasy, of course, because my life was far from over.

Caleb and Oriana were born of that primitive attempt, a daydream of "what if . . . ?"
The storyline struck my fancy and has stayed with me since then.

Originally written as a single novel, I was asked by a friend to tell the story that happened just before,
as the backstory was intriguing. After she read that, she said she wanted the story of how they met,
the backstory providing just enough intrigue that it begged to be told in full.

With the telling, I grew as a writer—and as a storyteller—as the players took me by the hand and
showed me their stories: their hopes and dreams, their joys and sorrows, their faith and their fears,
their triumphs and their failures.

I invite you to join Caleb and Ana in their adventures as they are catapulted along the ancient pathways
laid out using the crystals of the ancients.

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